Chapter 1042

"Level-five Genetic Warriors? "Isn't that equivalent to an expert in the Mystique Loyalty Realm?" Coldness flashed in Nash's eyes. The Charlie family was willing to spend a lot of money to deal with him. They even dispatched four powerful men in the Mystique Loyalty Realm. "The level-five Genetic Warriors have the strength of the early stage of the Mystique Loyalty Realm, and level-six Genetic Warriors have the strength of the middle stage Mystique Loyalty Realm! "Genetic Warriors are different from martial arts experts. They have very powerful self-healing abilities, and their combat effectiveness is much stronger than the ordinary experts of Drakonia!" Bertram sat on the couch opposite. He took out a cigarette from his pocket, put it in his mouth, and lit it. Ash sat next to Bertram and continued what Bertram said, "In order to prevent your family from being in danger, we must strike first!" They wanted to cut ties with the Charlie family anyway. There was no need to worry

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