Chapter 1044

Outside Jonford Airport, a black Mercedes-Benz G-Class was parked in a remote alley. Nash opened the window and smoked. Ash and Bertram used their mental power to monitor every move in the airport. Inside the airport, a passenger plane flying from Moliga was about to land steadily. Passengers filed out. Four dark-skinned men in suits and sunglasses stood out. The moment the four of them got off the plane, they immediately gathered around and discussed something. Immediately afterward, they walked to a remote corner and jumped out of the airport. Outside the airport, Bertram frowned and said, "They seem to have discovered us!" Nash threw away the cigarette butt. He immediately opened the door and got out of the car. Ash and Bertram stepped out of the car. The three of them looked at each other before jumping into the air and chasing after them. Experts in the Mystique Loyalty Realm could not fly, but they could rely on true energy and fast speed to jump. It was difficult fo

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