Chapter 1045

Moreover, he was at the advanced level of the Mystique Loyalty Realm. With his strong physical body, he could fight against martial arts experts at the peak of the Mystique Loyalty Realm without falling behind. Even if he was halfway to the Profound Oriental Realm Realm, he could not easily crush him. Bertram groaned. "I should be able to catch that punch just now!" Ash nodded and said with a smile, "That's alright, then. If the person we're protecting is stronger than us, where would we put our dignity?" Bertram smiled bitterly. "But he didn't use all his strength in that punch just now. If he had used all his strength, I probably wouldn't have been able to catch it!" The smile on Ash's face suddenly faded. He narrowed his eyes to look at the slim figure. After some time, he said with a face filled with relief, "If the Youngs rise again, they'll be unstoppable!" "Let's do it!" Bertram stretched his neck and made a cracking sound. His terrifying muscles suddenly swelled, and hi

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