Chapter 1046

Eight Desolate Crumbling Fist! The pinnacle of Fist Techniques! Hundreds of years ago, this Fist Technique was considered to be so unbelievable that it caused countless martial arts masters to fight over the manual. It caused the manual to be torn into several parts. Hundreds of years later, the Martial Arts Association in Drakonia was established and began to collect martial arts manuals from all over the world. The remaining fragments of the Eight Desolate Crumbling Fist manual were archived in the Martial Arts Association. Back then, Bertram was only one of the vice presidents of the Drakonia’s Martial Arts Association. "He's only 24 years old, but he has mastered the Eight Desolate Crumbling Fist. The world of martial arts is about to change!" Bertram was not just shocked that Nash had the complete Eight Desolate Crumbling Fist. What surprised him the most was Nash's age. Only the elites from a hidden sect would have such martial arts talents. Ash's eyes showed his excite

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