Chapter 1047

The Eight Desolate Crumbling Fist had already shocked Ash and Bertram. It was rare to see people who could achieve the pinnacle of Fiist Techniques in their 20s. Now, Nash was actually using the Profound Sword Techniques that were previously only used by Bladesman Divus. The ability to achieve Fist Techniques and swordsmanship to this extent at the same time only showed that Nash's martial arts talent was abnormal. Bertram said with a face full of joy, "Bladesman Divus has been dead for a month. If Nash can perform the Profound Sword Techniques to such an extent in one month, Bladesman Divus is probably smiling up in heaven!" Ash nodded in agreement. Everyone knew this was Nash's first time using the Profound Sword Techniques. About an hour passed. Nash's understanding of Profound Sword Techniques deepened even more. His speed became faster and faster. His swordsmanship became more and more powerful. In one and a half hours, Nash had mastered the Profound Sword Techniques to

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