Chapter 1049

Finn and Ken walked into the living room carrying a black safe that was as tall as half a person. Yasmin was present as well. She was wearing a professional suit. Her timidness in the past was no longer there, replaced by the aura of a strong woman in the workplace. Maria looked confused. "Finn, what's going on?" Finn chuckled. "This belongs to Nash!" Maria smiled and nodded. She then brought out a drink and a fruit plate from the refrigerator. "Please have a seat for a while. The sir isn't back yet." Finn was very excited. These were 120 spiritual stones. If he used them to practice, he could at least break through to the late stage of the Profound Reality Realm. Yasmin sat on the couch opposite, looking a little nervous. Finn sat next to Yasmin, held her waist, and said softly, "If you’re afraid to say it, I'll help you say it later!" Yasmin pursed her rosy lips and said with self-reproach, "I'd better tell Nash myself!" With that, Nash walked in. "What do you want to say

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