Chapter 1050

He had long seen that Ken's physical body was stronger than ordinary warriors. Even if Ken had refused, Nash would have forced Ken to accept these spiritual stones. Ken could help him more if he became stronger. Ken blushed and looked at Nash, saying, "Thank you, Mr. Calcraft!" Nash smiled, took out all the spiritual stones, and said, "You guys go back to the mine first. There has to be someone watching over there!" The two said their goodbyes and then left carrying the safe. Nash sat on the couch, looked at Yasmin, and asked, "Yasmin, what's going on with you?" Yasmin pursed her red lips and said, "The company account has insufficient funds. Queenie and Sydney plan to inject capital. I want to ask for some money from you!" Her face was red. Her little hands were holding the hem of her clothes, and she looked very nervous. Nash smiled. "Are you trying to stabilize your shareholding ratio?" The total investment of Southern Heavens Pharmaceuticals was about ten million. With t

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