Chapter 1051

About ten minutes later, Nash received a call from the bank manager to verify his identity. Shortly after that, he received a transfer of 1.5 billion dollars. He handed his bank card to Yasmin. "Mr. Nash, aren't you going to keep some money for yourself?" Yasmin looked at Nash timidly. She thought Nash was wealthy, but that might be her misconception. Nash smiled and shook his head. "No need. You go and busy yourself!" He had said once before that he did not like money, but that was because he had not gotten into the business industry. Now, Southern Heavens Pharmaceuticals had already started production. Based on the formulas he had provided, each of the over 30 products would become a hit. With the increasing number of orders, a large production area would be needed as well as funds. It looked like he needed to make some money quickly. After sending Yasmin away, Nash gave Ash and Bertram 20 spiritual stones each. However, both of them refused tacitly. They did not think it was

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