Chapter 1052

The increase in company orders implied more money to be made. In the past, the employees of Baroque would be idle all day, which was boring, to say the least. Now that things were busy, they got to experience a sense of fulfillment. Most importantly, Harrison did not want to put all the pressure on his daughter. In the chief financial officer’s office, Lauren was reprimanding a new employee for their carelessness when she received a call from Harrison. She answered the call and said into the receiver coldly, "What is it?” "Our son-in-law came to see me!" Lauren's icy demeanor instantly melted. "Really?" "Why would I lie to you? Hurry up and come to my office!" "Alright, I'm coming right away!" Lauren hung up the phone happily. Then, putting on her stern expression once more, she glared at the new employee. "The Finance Department deals with money, which directly affects the company's overall interests. Next time, you must be careful not to miss a decimal point!" "I understand,

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