Chapter 1053

The average worker earned over 6,000 a month. With over 900,000 dollars, Baroque could pay the salary of over a hundred employees. In terms of cafeteria funds, every employee could enjoy an extra serving of food for two months. "These are just trivial matters. We can handle them ourselves!" Harrison chimed. Nash grimaced. "It's not as simple as that, is it?" With that statement, both Harrison and Lauren were momentarily stunned before they exchanged bitter smiles. Though Nash had limited exposure to business, he was not completely clueless. Otherwise, how could he handle the role of chief inspection officer at Universal Group? "It's indeed not that simple. All documents go through layers of scrutiny. If a supervisor makes a mistake, it affects the manager. But if both make mistakes, the situation becomes hard to explain. "I admire their audacity. Despite knowing I have the final say in the approval process, they still dare manipulate the documents behind my back!" Lauren's exp

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