Chapter 1054

"N-Nash..." Clarke's eyelids twitched uncontrollably. Nash had found his way into the company. Could it be that the two stage nine great-grandmasters had already succeeded? Shani saw Nash kick the door down and was about to erupt in anger when she suddenly noticed how handsome he was. For him to be able to kick down the door implied considerable strength. This guy seemed more manly than Clarke. Shani even imagined getting into some positions with Nash despite her obesity. Seeing this chubby woman in her 40s eyeing him with a glint in her eyes made Nash feel a shiver go down his spine. This was the CEO's office, and with Clarke present, it was obvious this woman was Clarke's sugar mommy. The woman's lustful gaze that was directed at Nash made him shudder. "Hey handsome, which department are you from?" Shani stared at Nash's abdomen. With such a good figure and strength, his abs must be rock-hard, right? "M-Ms. Rand, he's—” "Shut up!" Shani interrupted Clarke sharply. Clarke gul

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