Chapter 1055

"You... You're dead..." Shani's face was filled with rage. She turned red as she stood up from the ground, like a gas canister about to explode. "My grandfather is the president of the Capiton Martial Arts Association. With just one phone call, your whole family will be dead!" Shani spat out angrily. "Then I'll give you a chance to make that call,” Nash replied leisurely. Shani sneered angrily. "Looks like you don't know what the Martial Arts Association is. Just wait, I'll show you what it's all about!" There were many martial arts associations, but the Capiton Martial Arts Association's strength ranked first. Her grandfather was even an expert at the peak of the Profound Reality Realm. He was revered by everyone in the martial arts world. With just a stomp of his foot, the entire martial arts world would tremble. Even Clarke could not stay calm now. He did not expect this woman who weighed over 200 pounds to have such a powerful background. It seemed he would have to serve he

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