Chapter 1056

Skadi ended the call disinterestedly. Yoyo looked up and asked, "Skadi, are you going to be busy now?" Skadi pouted and answered, "Yeah, some jerk is giving me trouble. I'll hang him and give him a good beating later!" Yoyo clapped and exclaimed, “You’re so cool, Skadi! I want to go too, I want to go too!" Justin had brought more than 20 stage nine Energy Cultivation Realm experts and three grandmasters with him. After gathering at the entrance of the amusement park, they marched toward Innovate Collective. The amusement park happened to be close to the company, and they arrived in just over 20 minutes. Skadi held Yoyo's hand as they entered the elevator and headed to the sixth floor toward the CEO's office. Approaching the door, Skadi cursed, “Which jerk dares to cause trouble here?!” Then, the 20-person group stormed into the office. Skadi, who was leading the charge, immediately saw Nash sitting on the couch. Looking at the scene in the office, it was obvious that Nash had co

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