Chapter 1057

A smack was heard. "I hate being deceived, regardless of age or gender!" "You..." It was another smack. "Tell me, where did you take Shani?" Yet another smack. Skadi's slaps came one after another, quickly making Shani's face swell twice the size. Her small eyes, which were still visible before, were now completely shut. Shani lay on the ground, barely conscious. Her head was buzzing. At that moment, a phone on the coffee table rang. It was Shani's phone. The caller ID said 'Grandpa.' Nash picked up the phone and threw it toward Shani. It landed firmly in her hand. Struggling to open her eyes, Shani answered the phone. "Grandpa?" "Did that brat get beaten up? I couldn't get in touch with the two experts I arranged for you, so I called the Jonford Martial Arts Association to help you,” Milan said gently. Shani often got bullied within the circles of Capiton, so she spent a large sum of money to come to Jonford. There were not many prestigious families in Jonford, so becomi

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