Chapter 1058

"He's called Nash! Nash Calcraft," Skadi said again, smirking slightly. Nash's name was well-known in the martial arts circles. As the president of the Capiton Martial Arts Association, Milan should have heard of his name as well. It was also the reason why Skadi dared to throw hands at the chubby woman while knowing full well she was Milan Rand's granddaughter. "Girl, this Nash you know, is he the same Nash who killed The Swordsman?" Milan's tone softened slightly. Although he had already roughly guessed that the two Nashes were the same person, he still held on to a strand of hope that they were not. "Well, he did challenge The Swordsman to a battle on Sigur Cliff, yes," Skadi replied. She could not help but chuckle. On the other end of the phone, Milan let out a sigh before saying again in a heavy tone, "Tell Shani that she’s no longer part of the family." With that, he hung up the phone. To ordinary people, martial arts associations were formidable forces to be reckoned wit

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