Chapter 1059

At the chairman's office on the eighth floor of Innovate Collective, Irvine March was staring at the data report on his computer while feeling overwhelmed. Ever since Baroque and Universal Group partnered up, all their clients in Sagen had flocked to strike up a collaboration with Baroque. They were willing to pay their penalty for breach of contract just to work with Baroque. Two months ago, Baroque had been on the brink of bankruptcy. Suddenly, the landline to his office rang, and he heard his secretary saying, "Mr. March, someone is here to see you!" "Who?" Irvine asked with furrowed brows. Normally, she would specify who was looking for him. What was wrong with his secretary today? "Uh... He... He said his name is Nash Calcraft!" The secretary's voice sounded both fearful and choked up. She had stopped this person because she did not know him, only to end up getting embarrassed. "Nash?" Irvine's brows furrowed even tighter together. He felt like he had heard that name some

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