Chapter 1060

"Let's sign the contract,” Nash said, not even standing up from the couch. The tycoons who were from out of town frowned when they heard this, but they did not dare say anything when they saw the respect Walter was showing him. "M-Mr. Calcraft, you're that legendary physician who cured the Warden of the Northern Territory!" Irvine's face lost its color. No wonder he found the name familiar just now. Walter stood up straight and handed the bank card to Irvine. "Mr. March, let's draft the contract. Mr. Calcraft here would like to purchase the company in full!" Walter was the richest man in Jonford and naturally knew the reason why Nash was buying Innovate Collective. Nash had also paved the way for Hera when expanding Baroque. "M-Mr. Watson, this company is my father's lifelong effort. I... I can't sell it!" Irvine's expression was of embarrassment. He had never thought about selling the company. He only quoted the price so confidently because he was certain Nash would not be abl

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