Chapter 1061

Irvine considered looking for the government but then realized that Walter had close ties with the governor and met up with him frequently. What could Irvine use to compete with Walter? "Mr. Watson, please go ahead," Irvine said slowly. He sat back down in his office chair, looking as if he had aged ten years in an instant. Suddenly, as if remembering something, he looked up at Walter and asked, "Mr. Watson, may I ask you a question?" "Feel free to ask," Walter replied. "What's Nash’s relationship with Baroque?" Irvine inquired. "Don't you know?" Walter stared at Irvine with a knowing smile. "I… I’m not certain," Irvine admitted. He had only taken control of Innovate Collective less than a month ago, and he had been on several business trips since. He did not have much time to look into Baroque. "Mr. Calcraft is the son-in-law of the chairman of Baroque," Walter explained succinctly. "Then why do you regard Nash so highly?" Irvine followed up. This question also aroused the cur

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