Chapter 1062

Skadi felt guilty when she remembered what had happened before. If Hera had really divorced Nash, she would have spent an eternity in guilt. 30 minutes later, Nash parked the car outside the Zells' residence. "Thank you, Nash!" Skadi said. She then carried Yoyo toward the villa. Nash turned the car around and headed back to Royal Bay. When Skadi entered the villa, Yoyo immediately rushed into Zakariah's arms. Zakariah lovingly held her, saying, "Oh, my sweet granddaughter!" "So, the eldest granddaughter doesn't get your love anymore, huh? You've gotten fewer wrinkles on your face ever since Yoyo came to us!" Skadi sat on the couch, looking downcast. Zakariah gave her a stern look. "So you should quickly find a boyfriend who'll cherish you. From now on, I'll only spoil my little granddaughter!" “I'm going to Quiet Winds Church in a couple of days." Zakariah was shaken when he heard that and looked at Skadi with a complex expression. "Your marriage is a big affair, and I don’t wan

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