Chapter 1063

The middle-aged man shivered and quickly replied, "It'll be done within three days! "We must also get the Hublots' toy factory within seven days!" Hera added. The middle-aged man nodded in agreement. Hera turned her cold gaze toward the Procurement Department manager and asked, "When can we get the equipment back?" The Procurement Department manager gulped nervously and replied, "On the 15th of next month..." Hera let out a cold laugh. Leaning back in her chair, her slender and fair fingers began tapping on the tabletop. The Procurement Department manager hurriedly explained, "Ms. Lewis, this really isn't our fault. There's a semiconductor company in Balaria that placed an order after us, but their lithography machine arrived last week. "They hadn’t even begun stocking up yet when we placed the order first. The supplier says they're short on inventory and are currently working on increasing production!" Hera took a deep breath. It was true that the blame was not solely on the

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