Chapter 1064

Cal forced a smile, and Nash nodded expressionlessly. He had listened to every word Hera said earlier. It was evident that Cal had made a significant mistake that led to the equipment not being purchased on time. Baroque was in their golden development age, having taken on a heap of orders. If production could not keep up and supply could not be met, it would have a huge impact on the company. Although Sagen, Olivia, and Universal Group might overlook it for the sake of keeping up Baroque's reputation, Hera would not allow such mistakes under her leadership. Cal had thought of getting Nash to persuade Hera. However, seeing Nash's indifferent demeanor, he swallowed his words. Nash turned and headed toward Hera's office. It had been a long time since he last visited Baroque. He remembered when he first came to the company, Hera was just a timid and gentle president. Helena had even forced Hera to kneel in the president's office. In just two months, Hera had completely transformed

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