Chapter 1065

"Mr. Calcraft, are you suggesting that someone else planted these things?" Robin's immediate concern was not about being promoted to manager but rather the shock of finding so many bugs and cameras in the president's office. "Yes, and it happened in the last ten days." Nash had not noticed the cameras during the last intimate moment he shared with Hera in the office, so it was obvious they were planted afterward. "Alright, I'll investigate this right away." When Robin reached the office door, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. "Mr. Calcraft, did you just say you'd promote me to manager? "I'm rarely at the company, and I'm planning to vacate the manager position." Nash could not help but feel amused by Robin's slow reaction to this. Robin prioritized the president’s safety above all else, which was why he had overlooked this other matter. Robin exclaimed excitedly, "Mr. Calcraft, rest assured I’ll get an answer by today!” Nash raised a brow. "Don't make promises you can't keep.

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