Chapter 1066

"Alright, Ms. Lewis. I'll definitely live up to your expectations!" The assistant manager knew that this was his opportunity for a promotion. Learning from the mistakes of the previous manager, he immediately started contacting suppliers in Munford. Just as the assistant manager left the office, the assistant manager from the HR Department entered. "Ms. Lewis. Mr. Calcraft.” The assistant manager of the HR Department was a woman nearing her 40s. She was slightly plump, wore glasses, and had shoulder-length curly hair. She was dressed in a loose-fitting professional suit. "Here are the recruitment plans for next week." She placed two reports on Hera's desk. Hera picked up the reports and examined them carefully. After about three minutes, Hera sighed helplessly. "Recruiting technical personnel is a challenge. Headquarters can no longer transfer employees, so see if you can poach some from Starlit and Innovate Collective." The woman shook her head with a wry smile. "It's really di

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