Chapter 1067

"That won’t do. Mr. Watson, please wait for me for a moment. I'll be right down!" Hera knew about Walter and Nash’s relationship. However, business was business while personal matters were separate. Since Walter was here at the company, it had to be for business. After hanging up the phone, Hera hurriedly walked outside. Nash glanced at the time and realized it had only been two hours since he left Innovate Collective. Walter was reliable when it came to doing things. Nash took out his phone and dialed Theo's number. "Oh, my dear Nash, I've missed you so much!" "I've missed you too. Shall we meet up?" Nash replied with a smile. "Oh my goodness, Nash, are you changing your preferences?" Theo was somewhat surprised but quickly softened his tone. "Let's make it clear, I'm a top!" "Get lost!" Nash jokingly scolded and then continued, "Have you heard of any recent large-scale auctions open to martial artists?” "Nash, you truly deserve the title of Golden Amulet Master. I just recei

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