Chapter 1068

After opening the sealed envelope, Hera found a stack of documents inside. She carefully took out the documents, and on top of them was written 'Transfer Agreement for Innovate Collective'. Hera’s mind blanked as her eyes stared fixedly at the words 'Innovate Collective'. Her heart pounded heavily, and she even forgot to breathe. Walter and his group exchanged smiles. Raymond covered his mouth and coughed twice. "Ms. Lewis, please take a look at the agreement. If there are no issues, just sign it. Although Mr. Calcraft is buying it, your side still needs to go through the paperwork.” Hera finally regained her senses. She held her chest and gasped for air. After three full minutes of ignoring the presence of some of the wealthiest people around, she rushed to her office with the agreement in hand. The secretary at the door turned pale. Why was Hera behaving so erratically? Did something bad happen? She hurriedly followed after the red-eyed Hera. Just after Nash finished the call wi

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