Chapter 106

When Nash got the Longhorn bug, he rushed straight to the Zell household. At the same time, he called Theo. He probably would not have time to pick Hera up from work today so he wanted Theo to find someone reliable to protect her. When Theo received the news, he called Olivia and Xeno to pick Hera up from work together. It was convenient for Olivia to protect Hera while Xeno acted as their bodyguard. Nash received another call from Brian when he ended the call with Theo. “Grandmaster… help me…” Brian's terrified voice rang from the phone before the call was abruptly ended. Nash tried to call him back but his phone was already switched off. Screech! Nash slammed on the brakes which caused him to grip the steering wheel tighter. The car behind him blared his horn. A patrol car drove over when its windows rolled down. Coincidentally, it was Chief Jupiter Holt and Angelica in the car. "Mr. Calcraft, are you in any trouble?" Jupiter asked politely. Nash nodded. "I t

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