Chapter 105

In just ten minutes, Skadi had rushed over to the Zells' villa with more than 20 other grandmaster-level experts. Excitement filled Skadi’s eyes when she noted how the area was guarded by powerful big shots. What was happening today? Why were so many big names gathered here? This was not something any ordinary person would ever get to witness. Would she be able to meet her idol? Skadi went up to her grandfather and whispered, "Grandpa, is something big happening today?” Zakariah looked around the place and then whispered something in Skadi's ear. The smile on Skadi's face instantly froze. It was then replaced with a dignified and solemn expression. She turned and ordered the grandmaster-level experts, "Surround the villa. Don't allow even a single fly to enter the premises.” They immediately dispersed in all directions. Ten minutes later, Grant rushed over while huffing. "Colonel, the National Association of Priests is here.” “Invite them in quickly,” Stellar pressed. Gr

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