Chapter 104

This poison that caused deossification was ranked third among the top ten abnormal parasites. Even if the King of Parasites were to come in person, he would be helpless. If the afflicted was not the warden who overlooked the border, he would not even be bothered to come. "J-Just do your best!" Stellar did not dare pressure Nash and could only agree to all of his requests at the moment. What was more, Nash was the Smiling Grim Reaper, so there was definitely no way Stellar would be able to put pressure on him either. "I'm going back to get something. Brian, go and prepare 36 porcelain bowls, three pounds of tiger corpse oil, and three feet worth of cotton wicks. Colonel, please request the Martial Arts Association and the National Association of Priests to send experts above the grandmaster level here to guard the villa.” Nash looked at Brian and Stellar solemnly. Stellar was puzzled. "Why do we need to prepare all these?” Nash did not bother entertaining him with an explanat

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