Chapter 103

In the living room of the villa, Mr. Dean was surrounded by a group of experts and professors in white coats. Some of them were wearing tight frowns on their faces in addition to their helpless expressions. “All of you, get out of the way!" Stellar yelled coldly. When he saw Stellar, Mr. Dean quickly waved his hand to signal the group to make way. At that, everyone scattered to the sides. Lying on the sick bed, Philix was looking at the ceiling through clouded eyes while his facial muscles twitched from time to time. Stellar leaned close to Philix's ear and whispered, “Warden, Nash is here.” However, Philix did not seem to have heard him as he stared at the ceiling still. Nash came over to the sick bed, and when he did, a faint light flashed across the depths of his eyes. In Philix's cloudy pupils, he saw transparent bugs that were as thick as strands of hair swimming around inside. Philix was blind at this moment. He had lost feeling in his limbs and was blind in both eyes.

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