Chapter 102

Hunter followed Hera to the desk. Hera sat down in her chair and then switched on the computer. "When did I ever send you photos of my legs? I don't even remember responding to your messages on Whatsapp," she said. Hunter had sent her messages on WhatsApp more than once, but she ignored them every time. Moreover, even if she did reply to them, she would not have sent him photos of her legs. Even now, she had never worn shorts out and it had been the same since high school. The skirts she wore all reached her calves. "What? Didn’t you reply to me last night?" "Did you drink too much last night that you don’t remember what happened?” Hunter fished out his phone and opened his chat history with Hera from last night before placing his phone on the table. Hera was on the computer, sending out emails without even looking at his phone. The man was a little anxious now. "Hera, look. This is our chat history from last night.” After sending out a few emails, Hera finally glanced at h

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