Chapter 101

Hunter received a photo of a pair of long legs with all the hair removed from the planning department. They had made the legs look fairer and smoother. Hunter zoomed in on the photo. He even stuck his face close to the screen of his phone with a look of enjoyment. Then, he pursed his lips and made wild kissy faces. In the living room downstairs, Gaspard’s expression collapsed when he learned that Crow had died. What annoyed him even more what that Skadi had returned to her family safe and sound. Geoffrey brewed a cup of coffee for his father and asked, "Dad, what is it?” Gaspard gritted his teeth and said, "Crow is dead, but Skadi is still fine!" Hearing that, Geoffrey was surprised. “Is the Green Bamboo Association so unreliable? Crow didn’t expose us, did he?” Gaspard shook his head. "Crow is a tight-lipped man. He wouldn’t sell us out despite getting the money.” It was just a pity that his 15 million expenditure had been in vain. "They must be incredibly audacious to kil

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