Chapter 100

Harrison had a hot towel on his face, while Lauren was looking for some medicine to help with his bruises in the first aid kit. “As if it wasn’t your fault! We couldn't get in touch with you last night. We thought your uncle was up to no good again, so your father went to question him and they got into a fight when they started butting heads!” Lauren said angrily. Nash had already told Hera the explanation he gave her parents while they were on their way to the company. Hera walked toward the desk and apologized guiltily, "Dad, I'm sorry I made you worry.” Besides feeling sorry that her father had gotten beaten, there was also warmth in her chest. She knew she would always be her parents’ treasure. "By the way, Hera, we've decided to postpone your birthday celebration for a few days,” Lauren said helplessly as she grabbed a bottle of ointment and applied it to the bruises on Harrison's face. Hera was stunned. “Why? I've already notified several of my classmates and teachers.”

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