Chapter 99

Hera felt herself about to suffocate, and her heart beat faster and faster. It was not until the light of the screen went out that she opened her mouth slightly and took a sharp breath. [Are you asleep?] Skadi had sent her another message, lighting up her phone screen again. Hera saw Nash's face that was so close to her. The distance between the two of them was less than ten centimeters. In a situation like this, Nash was also now blushing a little from Hera's breath. She smelled of her shower gel and shampoo. Her soft face was as red as an apple, making him want to take a bite out of it. Thunder struck again outside, and Hera shut her eyes tight. He slowly reached his arms out and held her tightly to his chest as he whispered, "Don't be afraid. I’m here.” His deep and gentle voice relieved Hera's nervousness a great deal. She put her hands against his chest. She was only wearing her nightdress and nothing else. Nash did not dare breathe in her scent. He was afraid that he

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