Chapter 98

[W-What? Stop trying to scare me!] Hera hugged the blanket tightly and shivered. Skadi replied with a long text: [I’m not trying to… Grandpa once saw someone who was possessed. The person looked stiff when they walked. It was like they had lost their soul!] Nash got up slowly at this moment. His mind was blank, and he turned around while looking like he was in a daze. Nash had depended on his master ever since he was little after the Young Family Village was burned to the ground. Now, his only support was gone. Although his master was not dead, his having ascended was no different from if he had died. His master had once said that once an immortal cultivator ascended to the immortal realm, they would no longer be able to enter the lower plane. Nash walked toward the sofa like a zombie, and fear shot through Hera. Trembling, she sent another message to Skadi: [Okay, you might be right!] [Would you like me to come over and accompany you?] [He went and laid down on the sofa

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