Chapter 97

She was considering whether or not to let Nash onto the bed. Although both of them rarely interacted, she felt very comfortable with him. Moreover, Nash was her fiance, so it was reasonable for her to sleep with him. After a mental struggle, she still chose to give up the idea. She was worried that this would make Nash think that she was an easy person. She sat down on the bed and started sending messages to Skadi. [Skadi, you can’t begin to imagine just how perfect Nash's abdominal muscles are!] [I won’t believe it unless you show me a photo!] [No! He’s my man. Look for one yourself!] [We're best friends. Do you think of me as some outsider now? They’re just abs. It's not like I’m sleeping with him.] [Tsk, tsk! You’re not allowed to look at his abs either!] [So, I see. I guess friendships do die, after all.] [You’re being so dramatic.] Hera had just sent the last message when she heard a thunderstorm outside. [It’s thundering.] Hera and Skadi sent to each other at the

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