Chapter 96

"Did they beat you?" Hera looked at Nash in panic as tears welled up in her eyes. Nash smiled faintly. "I'm not injured. It’s their blood, not mine.” "I don't believe you. Show me.” Saying that, Hera was about to lift his shirt when he grabbed her slender wrist. “Men and women shouldn’t touch each other so freely. You’re playing with fire.” If Hera were to see his scar, she might tell Lauren about it and he would be completely exposed. Although Lauren already had her guesses, she still maintained her skepticism. She still could not be sure that he was the Smiling Grim Reaper. "Please, you’re my fiance. Don’t I even have the right to see your body?” Hera put her hands on his hips and rebuked, "I just want to take a look at your upper body. Are you that shy, big man?” Nash rubbed his nose. "Am I not human just because I’m a man? Why don't you show me your upper body too, then?" he replied with a smile. Hera gritted her teeth. “Fine, then look,” she said as she pulled down th

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