Chapter 95

Nash was slightly taken aback. How did Hunter know that Skadi had an accident? It sounded like he thought Skadi was dead. Were the HiIlls behind what happened tonight? To test his hypothesis, Nash sent a reply: [Why did you do it?] Hunter sent a surprised emoji. After a few seconds of silence, his reply came: [You know everything?] Nash continued the conversation: [Crow told me.] Hunter immediately sent a voice message. He had deliberately lowered his voice to a very gentle tone. "Hera, Skadi is an obstacle in my pursuit of you. I did this to be with you!” The corners of Nash’s mouth twitched. He then replied via text: [Alright then. Don't you want photos of my legs? I'll send them to you later.] Hunter was extremely excited and replied: [Why don't we just video call? It's nighttime now anyway.] The moment he started the call, Nash ended it. Hunter tried calling again and again, but Nash just rejected it each time. [Hera, why aren't you answering…] [I’m already going to s

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