Chapter 1072

“Madam Mare… A-Are you joking?” Jalen stared at Lauren intently, seemingly trying to catch a sign that she was lying from her facial expressions. Lauren did not bother explaining further as she placed the phone on the coffee table. Everyone immediately saw the text message Hera sent. All of them had witnessed Hera’s growth. They knew she would not be cracking jokes at times like these. “Hahaha…” “Wonderful, this is wonderful! Hera has found herself a wonderful husband!” “All our problems will be solved if we’ve acquired Innovate Collective!” “This is wonderful. The founding chairman will be able to rest easy, bless his soul!” Tears of joy brimmed in the managers’ eyes. Jalen abruptly got to his feet and said solemnly, “Let’s adjourn the meeting for today!” Upon hearing that, the smiles immediately vanished from everyone’s faces. What? Was he upset over this piece of wonderful news? The chairman had not even said anything yet. He was a mere manager. Who did h

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