Chapter 1073

Nash immediately teleported himself five feet away from Melody, but he still got a mouthful of exhaust. Nash waved a hand to part the dust from the air and gritted his teeth as he watched the Porsche drive away. Melody seemed to be holding a massive grudge against him! It seemed that the chasm between them had only grown larger after she blamed him for not properly protecting her father. Nash sighed as he handed his phone to Maria. “I’m going into seclusion for three days, Maria. No one is allowed to disturb me before the three days are up!” “Does this mean you aren’t going to take any food or drink for three days again?” Maria could not bear to watch that. Nash smiled slightly. “I’m a martial artist. I won’t get hungry even if I go half a month without consuming anything!” Maria took some fruits and food ration bars from the fridge. “You should still take some food with you. Otherwise, Ms. Hera will be worried!” After giving it some thought, Nash accepted the food Mar

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