Chapter 1074

“Yes, I have found something. Someone from Deco Electronics bribed the head of the Logistics Department!” “Deco Electronics?” “That’s right. I also found out that the person who bribed the head of the Logistics Department is none other than their president, Xena Davis!” “Xena? She was my classmate in college. How could it be her?” Hera’s face instantly turned pale. Xena’s grades were not particularly outstanding back when they were in college. She was very introverted and rarely spoke to anyone else. The minute they graduated, she left all their class-related group chats. No one had heard from her ever since. Never would Hera have imagined that she was the current president of Deco Electronics. “Xena is under the protection of a martial artist expert, Ms. Hera. That’s why I can't interrogate her further! “Since Mr. Calcraft isn’t around, you’ll need to have people guarding you at all times for the next few days! “I have a couple of friends who were just discharged

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