Chapter 1075

Second-grade Marrow Cleansing Pills could cleanse the marrow and help an ordinary person undergo a massive transformation. They could also cultivate a martial artist’s inner energy. Third-grade Vitality Nourishment Pills could help one regain true energy in a short amount of time. Fourth-grade Myogenic Pills helped regrow amputated limbs. Fifth-grade Elixir of Youth could slow down the process of aging and had the added bonus of nourishing one’s beauty. Fourth-grade Gold Essence Pills could help stage nine great-grandmasters break through to the Profound Reality Realm. … The next day, Harrison and Lauren left the villa at 6:00 am to head to the office. Meanwhile, Hera and Melody slept in until about 7:00 am. … The two dawdled for a while more, and it was 8:00 am when they arrived at the office. “Melody, please stop the car at the entrance!” Hera caught sight of five people dressed in military uniforms standing at the entrance. The group consisted of three men and

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