Chapter 1076

Melody shared stories of her past experiences doing business, and Hera listened intently. However, when Melody began talking about the dangers of listing a company on the market, Hera said, “I actually have no plans of listing Baroque on the market. Nash is the reason Baroque has managed to achieve everything we have today. "Based on my understanding of him, he'd hate seeing Baroque being controlled by other capitalists. This includes Southern Heavens Pharmaceuticals!” Melody was stunned, but she soon smiled and nodded. “Based on the number of orders that Baroque is currently receiving, it seems the company will be making profits for the next couple of years. "There's no need to worry about cash flow problems for the short term. Not listing the company on the market would work as well, but there’s no way the other giants in the market won’t have their eyes trained on Baroque as you continue dominating the market!” Hera agreed wholeheartedly with that. Innovate Collective and

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