Chapter 1077

There was no doubt Hera already knew Boris had been bribed. However, instead of calling the police, she had decided to merely dismiss him from the company. This would help Boris retain some semblance of honor even till the very end. She was repaying a grudge with a favor! After that, Boris told them everything about why he had accepted the bribe. His wife had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. The medical expenses plunged his family, which had just recovered from the previous plight, into financial troubles once again. The president of Deco Electronics chose that very moment to approach him. She promised to pay for all the treatment his wife received at the hospital on one condition. When Boris heard that he needed to install hidden cameras and bugs in Hera’s office, he refused to do so without hesitating. However, he underwent a dilemma after returning to his wife’s ward and seeing how she was in so much pain that all she wanted to do was die. Baroque had helped

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