Chapter 1078

Melody smiled as she shook her head. Thankfully, Boris was nearing retirement. His guilt from just now did not seem like it had been an act either. He would probably not betray Baroque ever again after the second chance Hera had given him. “Lily, Robin, come in!” Hera turned toward the door and called out. Lily entered the office and returned to her desk to continue working on her computer. Robin entered the room with his comrades. “Ms. Hera!” All five bodyguards stood at attention. Hera nodded in greeting and said, “You’ll be working as my bodyguards for the time being and will receive as much pay as Robin does!” Robin was stunned. “Ms. Hera, I’m the head of the department. Why would they receive the same pay as me?” One of the women frowned and raised a leg so that she could kick Robin in the crotch. Robin had fast reflexes, and he immediately covered his crotch with his hands. However, the force he was dealt with still had him stumbling several steps backward.

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