Chapter 1079

This area was called Deco Industrial Park. Inside the president’s office within one of the buildings in the area was a short-haired woman wearing glasses. She stared dazedly at an email displayed on her computer screen. The email contained details of Innovate Collective being acquired by Baroque Group. “Wasn't Innovate Collective acquired by the richest man in Jonford, President Davis? Why does the email say it’s been acquired by Baroque?” the secretary standing beside her frowned as she spoke. “What if Walter was acquiring the company on behalf of Baroque?” Xena murmured, a dazed look appearing in her eyes. “In that case… should we continue trying to restrict Baroque's growth?” “Baroque is trying to dominate the market for chip production in both Jonford and Sagen. That would amount to nearly billions in orders. I doubt that even Walter Watson would have that sort of power!” Xena said as she narrowed her eyes. “So, you mean… there’s someone even more powerful than Walter

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