Chapter 1080

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. In the afternoon, Nash finally emerged from the basement. The minute he emerged from the basement, an old man dressed in a suit fell from the ceiling. Bertram walked over to the ledge. Half a cigarette dangled from his mouth as he looked down at the old man. “You’ve merely achieved the Profound Reality Realm, but you’re trying to kill Nash Calcraft?” The old man’s limbs had shattered, and he had a fearful expression on his face. He never expected that there would be a Mystique Loyalty Realm expert here—let alone two of them. Nash walked over to the old man while holding a sack of medicinal pills in his arms. Frowning, he asked, “Who are you?” The old man shut his eyes. “Kill me!” “Alright!” Nash used his right hand to create a flame. The old man was instantly surrounded by a huge blaze. Bertram and Ash jumped down to where Nash stood. When they saw the sack he was holding, they asked curiously, “Do you need more herbs?”

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