Chapter 1081

With Finn’s extraordinary physique and Ken’s unicorn arm, their cultivation would improve greatly if they had enough spiritual stones. Nash went back to the living room and opened the vault. It contained more than 300 spiritual stones. There was also a colorful diamond the size of a pigeon egg. Nash grabbed the colorful diamond, and his eyes gleamed. “This thing is very valuable!” Back then, at the tomb of the King of Medicine, Nico and Derek almost killed each other because of this diamond. “Yeah, I almost ran away with this diamond!” Finn chuckled. “If you like it, you can have it!” Nash handed the diamond to him without any hesitation. “You’re kidding me, Mr. Nash. This thing is priceless. There’s nothing else like it in the entire world!” Finn put his hands behind his back and took a few steps back. Whether Nash was testing him or not, he would never want this diamond. The favor that Nash was giving him was worth far more than the colorful diamond. “Fine. I’ll have some

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