Chapter 1085

Nash could not be bothered to continue this conversation with Theo. He had seen his fair share of absurdities, but nothing was as absurd as this. Soon, the private jet landed at Munford International Airport. It was four in the afternoon, five hours before the auction. The 100-story Great Eastern Tower towered into the sky. Theo, Nash, and the four bodyguards went to the front desk to get a room. “I’m so sorry, but we only have one room left!” “Give us one room, then!” Theo put away his ID card and said to Nash, “Mr. Nash, I’ll go to a different hotel. Just go to the 99th floor at nine and wait for me!” Nash nodded and took the room card. He looked around and… What the fuck? There were 12 elevators total in every direction. Which elevator was he supposed to take? “Nash?” Suddenly, a pleasant voice came from the entrance. Nash was startled. When he turned around, he saw Sienna walking toward him. Many eyes were on Sienna as soon as she appeared. Even a first-tier city lik

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