Chapter 1086

Sienna stood in front of Nash while blushing. She traveled from Capiton to Jonford just to see Nash, but she did not even see his shadow after staying for several days. Her grandpa asked her to attend the auction in Munford and network with people in the upper class. Little did she know, she would bump into Nash here. However, it seemed like he wanted nothing to do with her. Nash said in a calm tone, “Ms. Lowe, I don’t have time to joke around with you!” The Great Eastern Tower had a hundred floors with rooms on every one of them. The chances of getting a room on the same floor were very small, let alone next door. “I’m not joking. Look! I’m staying in Room 9899!” Sienna took out her room card from her bag, and the number 9899 was clearly written on it. Nash was taken aback. Was it really a coincidence? “Don’t be surprised. Come on, let’s go. I don’t want to see anyone from the Klein family!” Sienna grabbed Nash’s wrist and walked toward the elevator. The scene once again

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