Chapter 1087

Lana never expected to see him here. No wonder Sienna was groveling at his feet. She wanted to win him over as well. “Hello, Mr. Calcraft. I’m Lana, nice to meet you.” Lana stretched out her fair hand, and the smile on her face would make anyone fall in love with her at first sight. Nash shook her delicate hand and smiled. “I’m Nash. Nice to meet you!” He had never interacted much with the Ten Families, but he was going to sooner or later at Capiton. It was better for him to establish a good relationship with them rather than offend them. Sienna was displeased at the sight of Nash shaking hands with Lana. She was the most famous female celebrity of her time, and she was a rich young lady too. However, Nash had never held her hand before! She had to shake his hand too! Sienna walked up to him with a smile and stretched out her hand. “Na—” The elevator suddenly shook violently, and the lights in the elevator started flickering. Immediately, there was a weightlessness under th

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